Blanche Blanche Blanche
Wooden Ball
NNA Tapes

Confused and confounding, “Wooden Ball” may fall under the broad genre of new wave, but the duo behind Blanche Blanche Blanche seem just as keen on disfiguring and undermining the style.  The album was clearly recorded on a shoestring budget and a distinct outsider pop mentality pervades, yet it’s difficult denying how immediately catchy such gems as the soulful “I Can Pay” and five minute “Looks Don’t Run” are.  Blanche Blanche Blanche, comprised of Sarah Smith and Zach Phillips, have recorded about 10 full-length albums in the past few years, but their enthusiasm and ardent desire to create music still shines through.  Though NNA Tapes made a name for themselves by issuing albums by experimentalists like Caboladies and Mike Shiflet, in the last year they’ve turned a beguiling corner with pop-leaning releases by Ryan Power and Blanche Blanche Blanche. – Ryan Potts, Experimedia

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