Rolling Acres & Hobo Cubes
Mirror & Gate Vol. 2
Blowing Up the Workshop / Opal Tapes

The second “Mirror & Gate” volume between collaborating labels Blowing Up the Workshop and Opal Tapes pairs two like-minded synthesizer converts that both feature ample amounts of button-mashing and knob-twisting.  However, notable differences frequently arise between the two musicians.  Instead of channeling the bucolic ruralisms the name indicates, Rolling Acres focuses solely on twitchy 8-bit tones that flutter and bounce in colorful electronic shapes whereas Francesco De Gallo (operating here as Hobo Cubes) establishes a darker, sweltering take on machine-aided abstraction.  Both sides of “Mirror & Gate Vol. 2” lie somewhere between the recent electronic collages from Pye Corner Audio, Eric Lanham, and Lee Gamble. – Ryan Potts, Experimedia

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