STREAM+REVIEW// Mark Templeton - Jealous Heart on Under The Spire

The last we heard from Mark Templeton was a string of albums on Anticipate Records where the Canadian musician began filtering vocals and percussion into his vibrant mix of laptop-based drones.  Despite that evolution, “Jealous Heart” is decidedly different in both approach and result.  The album, issued by Under The Spire, peels back much of the digital tools previously prevalent in Templeton’s work to reveal a very physical sound, as if “Jealous Heart“‘s murky ambience and smoky samples have been waterlogged and worn organically.  By relying on found sounds and vinyl-sourced loops the album contains allusions to jazz and dub that can be both vague (“Buffalo Coulee”) and overt (“Once We’re Down”).  As a whole, however, “Jealous Heart” is a difficult album to categorize and after several listens I still can’t quite make sense of it.  A deep compliment indeed. – Ryan Potts, Experimedia

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