Expo 70
Virtually from the Unknown
Sonic Meditations

No strangers to the experimental community, Expo 70 show a different side with this full-length on Sonic Meditaitons.  ”Virtually From the Unknown” is the result of a newly configured live three piece that was recorded prior to KC Psychfest in 2012 and features improvisation and deep instrumental interplay.  The LP is a jam-heavy outing that is steeped in wah-wah guitar lines and adept, imaginative drumming.  Expo 70 has clearly studied and thoroughly investigated the krautrock and psych-leaning playbooks they employ here.  The closing track, however, does away with much of the traditional instrumentation for an excursion of sci-fi synths that bubble, gurgle, and shimmer for its 13 minute duration.  - Ryan Potts, Experimedia

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