Scott Morgan has provided drums and rhythmic anchors for indie-rock outfits such as Destroyer, but around these parts he’s always been known best as Loscil, a unique electronic artist that’s been pioneering an ambient style longer than most.  On the self released “Intervalo” he focuses on reworking versions of past Loscil pieces with a different approach, thanks largely to the contributions of Seattle-based pianist Kelly Wyse.  His plaintive keys soak into Morgan’s vast atmospheres and rainy-day drones, providing an acoustic signpost that bobs like a buoy on a great open sea.  They take the description literally on “City Hospital” that folds bleak layers of static and field recordings of waves beneath estranged piano notes.  The track is a towering moment and “Intervalo” wisely uses 16 minutes of its runtime to let it fully develop and resolve into a despondent coda of keys, surely a highlight in the vast Loscil discography. – Ryan Potts, Experimedia

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