Nightmare Ending
Temporary Residence

If 2007’s “Copia” was an overture, then Matthew Cooper’s new album as Eluvium is a full-fledged opus with sweeping orchestral flourishes and lulling atmospherics.  Yet that description could have been applied to nearly any LP he has put out in the past ten years.  What makes “Nightmare Ending” different isn’t just the sheer volume of material (a double album clocking in at nearly an hour and a half), but also the breadth of sounds and styles it covers as Cooper ably flows distorted abrasions into quiet lullabies.  In many ways “Nightmare Ending” is an effort to consolidate all the various permutations Eluvium has shown over the past decade, from static-ridden vignettes (“By The Rails”) to stately strings (“Don’t Get Any Closer”) and vocal-led minimalism (“Happiness”).  That he does it so seamlessly is a testament to Cooper’s structural and tonal talents. – Ryan Potts, Experimedia

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