People of the North
Sub Contra
Thrill Jockey

People of the North are in fact just two people – drummer Kid Millions and keyboardist/vocalist Bobby Matador of Oneida – but the sheer amount of volume, density, and sound they emit is by a band seemingly much larger.  On “Sub Contra,” their Thrill Jockey debut, the duo concoct a droning type of psychedelia that is always hard to pigeonhole: too much frenetic energy to be krautrock and too lucid to be in the proximity of pure ambience.  It’s also gritty, with decay and wilting sonics just as vital to the sound as drum patterns and organ layers.  Closer “Osage Orange” is the pinnacle of the album, and not just because it peaks at nearly a quarter of an hour.  The track compacts much of what makes “Sub Contra” an invigorating listen: plumes of electronic feedback and polyrhythmic drumming that coalesces into a lattice of sound more intricate and involved than a mere duo should muster. – Ryan Potts, Experimedia 

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