Mayville Dream
Editions Mego / Spectrum Spools

Like a heavily layered Container LP or a more structured Bee Mask, Ben Billington, operating here as Quicksails, at once fits neatly into the Spectrum Spools catalog and expands it in unexpected ways.  Past Quicksails releases were on Under the Spire and NNA Tapes, but “Mayville Dream” is bolder and positively kaleidoscopic, with streams of color and bursts of energy creating a lively and inviting album.  It’s structured and always rooted in intoxicating rhythmic formats with every speck of sound - pulsing pianos, jittery synths, crashing cymbals, and glitchy electronics - working towards inexorable momentum.  It’s no surprise that Billington comes from a background in percussion, but there’s so much more happening on “Mayville Dream” than that.  It’s telling that on the rare occurrence he slows things to a crawl, such as on “Only Escape,” the album remains just as captivating.  - Ryan Potts, Experimedia

Silver Balloons In Clusters

(Under The Spire)

As I sit here listening to this new vinyl-edition of Quicksails best work-to-date, I am thankful that Spring is upon us. “Silver Balloons in Clusters” is a joyous, cathartic romp of brilliantly-executed compositions. Quicksails is the solo moniker of excellent Tiger Hatchery’s Ben Billington. While synthesizers are a central feature of the pieces on “Silver Balloons,” where Billington really finds is voice through the careful layering of all sorts of divergent textures and sounds. This is far more than simply a ‘synth record.’ Considering he provides the percussive backbone to the aforementioned Tiger Hatchery, it’s no surprise that with Quicksails he skillfully augments the synth passages with a spray of drums, cymbals, and who knows what else. Everything is highlighted and blurred in all the right places, adding considerable depth. Billington pieces together haunted, hollow shells and proceeds to fill them in a dizzying array of intricately connected sonic webs. It’s a beautiful thing indeed. Special note of the fantastic cover art by David Russell Stempowski. - Brad Rose, Experimedia