Philippe Petit & Friends

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"Cordophony," the latest opus from French composer Philippe Petit has an incredible list of contributors. Aidan Baker, Nils Frahm, & Raphaelle Rinaudo are just a few of the names in the list. With so many different voices contributing to the entirety of "Cordophony," it’s no surprise that these are dense pieces of wonderfully dissonant music. Tracks like opener, "Gli occhi freddi della vendetta," and "Many-minds in Many-worlds" have a surreal energy to them. They move along at a quick pace, descending further and further into darkness. It is all quite odd in the best way and assembled with great skill. Other pieces feel mournful and haunted. There’s a ton of different styles and emotions at play here, but it all feels cohesive. "Cordophony" is like some long-lost relic of another time period, dusted off and released into a brand new world. - Brad Rose, Experimedia