High Aura’d
Sanguine Futures


Much needed long-playing debut from John Kolodij’s High Aura’d project, following a slew of great limited format releases. I first became aware of John’s work by seeing him open for Barn Owl a few years back, wherein his spectral, doom-laden guitar drones and harmonica work filled the bowels of the venue to profound affect. My ears were primed then, as it were, for “Sanguine Futures,” his debut “proper” album. The record opens with “Mercy Brown,” a bass and atmosphere-heavy piece full of deep, ominous drones and crumbling tones sourced primarily from pedal steel. “River Runs Like Jewels” functions as the gorgeous vista that the listener reaches after traversing the somewhat bleak sonic territory of the track which precedes it. Channeling “Tired SoundsÉ” era SOTL, it’s a lovely piece full of radiant, blooming guitar sonorities. On the remainder of the album, Kolodij operates at a slow and meticulous pace, with his sequencing decisions and the juxtapositions/developments contained within each track firing on all cylinders. Really a fantastic, highly focused and strikingly engaging debut release by a project from which I expect great things. - Alex Cobb, Experimedia