Impossible Symmetry


Like an unheard Wolf Eyes off-shoot or an early piece by Seasons (Pre-Din), Luke Younger fills his third full-length as Helm with tortured, claustrophobic drifts of sound that seethe with malevolence. It’s still as exploratory and raw as most Pan releases, but with a decidedly darker bent that is built upon creeping electronic textures and ghostly acoustic fragments. A wide array of material is presented, however, as “Impossible Symmetry” veers from buzzing, unidentifiable clang (“Miniatures”) to bubbling synth drones (“Stained Glass Electric”) and high-pitched sine waves (“Above All and Beyond”). Younger may be better known for his work with Steve Warwick as Birds of Delay, but the practiced and jarring atmospheres of “Impossible Symmetry” will leave a lasting impression one way or another. - Ryan Potts, Experimedia