Closer Came The Light

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¬†Antony Harrison’s always interesting Konntinent project returns with his latest album, “Closer Came the Light,” and has plenty of surprises up his sleeve. I’ll admit that I’ve long been a fan of Harrison’s work, but after multiple listens to his latest album, I am confident that this is Konntinent’s finest work. Impressively, the majority of this record was improvised and recorded live in a single-take. When you consider the lushness of “Zentrum” or the grainy nostalgia of “Hi Res,” it’s even more impressive. Washed-out guitar passages nestle beside arpeggiated synth sequences, weaving a sparkling neon tapestry of sonic sprawl. Harrison does well to match the futurist leanings of “Closer Came the Light” with scratchy tonal warmth. Simply, this is beautiful music and there are more good things to come from Konntinent. - Brad Rose, Experimedia