Mika Vainio/Kevin Drumm/Axel Dorner/Lucio Capece


An auspicious collaboration indeed, the act of reading the personnel on this new album from the always sterling PAN imprint invariably colored my first listen, setting the bar rather unreasonably high even while rendering my expectations somewhat nebulous. I was unsure of precisely how these four musicians, each with a refined and distinct approach to sound construction, would work together towards a cohesive whole, yet I remained confident that they would do just that. The A-side begins with with pulses and negative space, a liberal use of silence and wriggling acoustic machinations. By the midpoint of the piece, the horns weld themselves to the electronics of Drumm and Vainio, forming a dense and imposing, yet undeniably beautiful drone. This proves to be, one the whole, the way the album plays out- with dynamic interplays between acoustic brass and electronics/synthesizers and a veteran’s sense of structure and restraint. It’s a wonderful merging of aesthetics and a truly engaging listen. Great, great stuff, just as expected. - Alex Cobb, Experimedia