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Mark Fell will be performing in Cleveland at The Transformer Station courtesy of the Cleveland Museum of Art on Wednesday November 13th.

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Grischa Lichtenberger
And IV (Intertia)


Though always a controversial term, IDM comparisons are natural for Grischa Lichtenberger’s new album for Raster-Noton, And IV (Inertia), which plays like Autechre funk filtered through Clarkian lowend and near random chaos fields of distorted pattern. The rhythms come from some otherworld realm where subsolar flares light the darkened hallways of the digital domain. The songs are all labeled in cryptic ways that evoke the random complexity of computer code. Bouncing bits of spring and strange metal objects asteroid blast against the walls of resonant eternity and tether the beat in steady Bucephalus Bouncing Balls of glitch and chance. The beat pulls through and a trans-dimensional dancefloor materializes before fading into the green glowing binary of collective conscious grid. - Curt Brown, Experimedia 



Under the guise of minimal electronic music Raster-Noton have dispensed many styles over the years – playful, introspective, abstract, poppy – but rarely have they released anything as aggressive and all-consuming as Emptyset’s new 12” vinyl EP, “Collapsed.” Once the punishing and hypnotic assult begins, it impressively blots out any detail and all other extraneous information for its 15 minute duration. James Ginzburg, the mastermind behind Emptyset, pounds out a diverse array of rhythmic layers that are deep, intense, and bleak, but somehow retain an addictive, listenable quality. At its best “Collapsed” recalls Ben Frost’s “By the Throat” stripped of orchestral flourishes and guitar distortion or Aphex Twin as his noisiest. This may be Ginzburg’s first release for the venerable Raster-Noton, but his ability to structure chaotic beats amid searing signal processing will soon be raising the Emptyset name through its ranks. – Ryan Potts, Experimedia 



A wonderful new full length from Uwe Schmidt for the always sterling Raster-Noton label. “Winterreise” is brimming with intoxicating if distant textures and skittering, evasive beatwork. There is a strange sense of nostalgia that permeates these recordings, something which Schmidt made reference to in his recent interview with The Wire. Indeed, one of the most noteworthy aspects of the album to me is the way in which Schmidt is able to preserve a sense of warmth in these sounds despite their seemingly austere, mechanical sonic veneer. There are meticulous, studied synthesis techniques going on here to be sure, but there is also a sense of romanticism and an enduring mysteriousness that is absent from much of the Raster catalog. The “Streuung” triptych, which appears in the middle of the record, is particularly emblematic of the care that goes into Schmidt’s compositions, with bristling, panning pulses hovering over a pillow soft bed of softly cycling chords. Really an immaculately conceived piece of work and one of the best releases from R-N in some time. - Alex Cobb, Experimedia

February 2012 Edition of Experimedia’s Monthly Mix Series

00:00 - Ben Vida - Track 3 - Esstends-Esstends-Esstends - PAN
04:35 - FRAK - In Order to Create - Muzika Electronic - Digitalis
10:00 - Marcus Fjellstrom - LM-118 - Library Music 1 - Kafkagarden
12:20 - Kyoka - 23 Ish - Ish - Raster-Noton
16:20 - Dimlite - Pour Some Blood, We Got This - Grimm Reality - Now-Again
21:32 - The Drum - Euthanasia - Heavy Liquid - Audraglint
25:10 - Aaron Dilloway - Labyrinths & Jokes (Reversed) - Modern Jester - Hanson
26:50 - Demdike Stare - Meets Shangaan Electro - A1 - Honest Jon’s
31:50 - NHK’Koyxen - B4 - Dance Classics Vol.I - PAN
35:30 - Concessionaires - Sparkler - Artificial Interface - Under The Spire
30:28 - Alva Noto - Uni Deform - Univrs - Raster-Noton
42:59 - Alva Noto - Uni Asymmetric Lll-Llll - Univrs - Raster-Noton
43:02 - Aaron Dilloway - Tremors - Modern Jester - Hanson
45:31 - NHKYX - 257 - Yx Aka 1ch Aka Solo - Skam
48:50 - Kyoka - Hadue - Ish - Raster-Noton
52:48 - NHK’Koyxen - B3 - Dance Classics Vol.I - PAN
55:20 - High Wolf - Kenya Sunset - Atlas Nation - Holy Mountain
60:28 - Venetian Snares - Seqsy - Affectionate - Self Released
63:40 - Felix Kubin - No.5 - TXRF - IT’s
68:10 - Jim O’Rourke - Natural Bonbon Killers - Old News #7 - Old News
72:02 - NHKYX - 475 - Yx Aka 1ch Aka Solo - Skam
74:50 - Robert Turman - Flux 3 - Flux - Spectrum Spools