Black Unicorn
Rediscovering Infinity

Deep Distance

I believe this is the first vinyl offering from Ohio’s Black Unicorn after a slew of killer tapes. “Rediscovering Infinity” is a tangled web of extrasolar exploration. With the short and on point opening slab of “Temporal Immensities,” you’re taken straight to the docking station and shoved through the airlock with nothing more than whispered promises of eventual return. Smothered rhythms lay the bedrock for a dizzying array of synthesizers to weave past, leaving soaring melodies in their wake. It’s oddly catchy, like a virus that directly attacks your brain, and is the perfect beginning to a great record - you already know you’re infected. Ambient abstraction plays a vital role as well, adding circuit-fried texture to these complex aural clusters that fill the deep sky. Layers of sequenced tones are fired rapidly, puncuated by scorched leads that cut through the dark matter on the evocatively-titled “Trans-Dimensional Railway.” At this point, you’re already on one hell of a ride. But the flipside is where the magic antes up to a whole new level. With a buried-but-still-booming 4/4 bassline underneath a river of murky electronics, “Celetal Supersanity” is deliciously grimey and relentlessly cerebral. It eventually breaks down and sinks to the bottom of an interplanetary ocean and that’s where album closer, “Whale,” rises for one least shot at the stars. It’s tense and dynamic, building up into a frenzy until it just kind of gently fades out into nothingness. “Rediscovering Infinity” is a absolute blast, showing just how on top of their game the criminally underrated Black Unicorn really are. Recommended. - Brad Rose, Experimedia¬†