The RCN CAVE is 3. Come celebrate and help us raise some $ fr sound & space! All day, with performances booked from 1pm-1am (doors at noon) and ongoing art, installations, and mercantile throughout the day.

@ The RCN CAVE | Saturday Nov 9| 1pm - 1am
68 W. Exchange St., Akron, Ohio 44308 

Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman / Andrew Kirschner / Miyamigos & No Don’t / Bad Trouble / Mako Sica (Chicago) / Watchword / Hunted Creatures / Budapest Dojo / Travelogue / Greg Rasp / Khaki Blazer / Little Howlin Wolf (Chicago) / Church Slut / Parched Earth / Owl Baat / Gomorrahizer / Interstates (etc.) / Dreaded / Contamination Diet / Thorla / Robert Darkmatter / Blood Quarry / N Colyar P (Chicago) / Sisters in Death / Fire Death

Visual art…
Casey Ruic / Matt Horak / Dave Maynard / Kristi Wall / James Bryan Parks / Ram Youssefi

Merchandise & Curiosities from experimedia, the Land of Plenty Fun Zone, and Erica & Tim’s Dream Machine Station

Bottled, local kombucha from Bucha Bill’s Raw Kombucha and return of the vegan and gf-friendly NOISE TACOS from the RCN dewds (other food goodies throughout the day as well)

Rotating DJ sets ALL DAY LONG, video art and video games, raffles and giveaways, miscellany and tons of fun

DONATIONS STRONGLY ENCOURAGED, help the Cave fix our sound… again! Also, a few touring bands this year, so lets get them some gas $. Thanks!

Thursday, October 17, 2013 
RCN CAVE | 68 W. Exchange St., Akron, Ohio 44308

RCN is proud to announce this amazing event, partially presented in quadraphonic sound, for yr enjoyment on the evening of Thursday, October 17, 2013 w/ a suggested donation of $5 strongly encouraged… thank you see you soon…

Mark Hosler - Founder of legendary culture jamming collective Negativland performing solo utilizing samples and synthesis. ( |

M.C. Schmidt & Wobbly - Schmidt is a founder of renowned electronic duo Matmos. Wobbly is a well-established performer of electronic music with releases on Illegal Art, Important Rec, and Tigerbeat6. They are performing as a duo using electronics, synthesis, and samples. ( |

Thomas Dimuzio (ReR, Ipecac, Dimmer) - SF-based electronic composer and sound designer with releases on ReR, Gench Music, and No Fun performing with modular synthesizer. (

Joseph Minadeo & Curt Brown - Minadeo is a composer and multi-instrumentalist, founder of Patternbased & Low in the Sky. Brown is a founder of Rubber City Noise and numerous projects. Performing as a duo using synthesis, samples, and acoustics. (

Thieves - RCN founders Joshua Novak & James Bryan Park exploring found sound and stolen samples. 

& throughout the evening, special multi-projector live visuals by Jeremy Bible

"Vagrant" by The North Sea. From the new album "Grandeur & Weakness" out now on Rubber City Noise. Video by Jeremy Bible.

The North Sea
Grandeur & Weakness

Rubber City Noise

Grandeur & Weakness is the final album from Brad Rose’s The North Sea, a project that has traversed a wide range of phenomenal sound territories, and it is an sublimely uncanny farewell from one of experimental music’s most ambitious names. 

Rose (best known as the polymath mastermind behind Digitalis and scores of projects) oversees an assemblage of sound sources evoking the history of electric music. From synthesizer soundscapes that seek to reconcile the limits of timbre to concrete sampling and collage, G&W plays a crash course in sonic evocation. Clearly in control of The North Sea sound, Rose notes that he has “never spent more time on any solo project than on this record,” and this is apparent throughout the scale of sound and emotion of G&W. There’s a sense of the uncanny, a mysterious unsettling, throughout the album and this is directly attributable to G&W’s aesthetic basis in Franz Fanon’s The Wretched of the Earth, African percussion, and progressive drone. The “psychology of colonization … and all the awfulness that entails” is viewed both literally and figuratively through an aura of uncanny unease, and this aura becomes a metaphor for both internal psychological states as well as external manifestations of oppression, despair, and release. 

Grandeur & Weakness is a final album monumental to both the worldwide experimental music community (in which Rose is an essential player) as well as on a larger scale, addressing the overall human condition where heavy, ineffable emotions and essences swirl intangible and the most clairvoyant understanding comes from the act of listening.

Rubber City Noise is honored to present this limited edition vinyl release of Grandeur & Weakness with full color artwork by Tiny Little Hammers and mastering by John Twells (Type) and James Plotkin. Distribution by Experimedia.  

Excerpts of Giant Claw performing live at Cave Fest at the RCN Cave in Akron Ohio on November 10 2012. With live video mixing by Jeremy Bible.


Black Unicorn
Rediscovering Infinity

Deep Distance

I believe this is the first vinyl offering from Ohio’s Black Unicorn after a slew of killer tapes. “Rediscovering Infinity” is a tangled web of extrasolar exploration. With the short and on point opening slab of “Temporal Immensities,” you’re taken straight to the docking station and shoved through the airlock with nothing more than whispered promises of eventual return. Smothered rhythms lay the bedrock for a dizzying array of synthesizers to weave past, leaving soaring melodies in their wake. It’s oddly catchy, like a virus that directly attacks your brain, and is the perfect beginning to a great record - you already know you’re infected. Ambient abstraction plays a vital role as well, adding circuit-fried texture to these complex aural clusters that fill the deep sky. Layers of sequenced tones are fired rapidly, puncuated by scorched leads that cut through the dark matter on the evocatively-titled “Trans-Dimensional Railway.” At this point, you’re already on one hell of a ride. But the flipside is where the magic antes up to a whole new level. With a buried-but-still-booming 4/4 bassline underneath a river of murky electronics, “Celetal Supersanity” is deliciously grimey and relentlessly cerebral. It eventually breaks down and sinks to the bottom of an interplanetary ocean and that’s where album closer, “Whale,” rises for one least shot at the stars. It’s tense and dynamic, building up into a frenzy until it just kind of gently fades out into nothingness. “Rediscovering Infinity” is a absolute blast, showing just how on top of their game the criminally underrated Black Unicorn really are. Recommended. - Brad Rose, Experimedia 

Andrew Weathers / Ancient Ocean

(Rubber City Noise)

The disparate strands of rustic Americana and lulling ambient atmospherics are tied into a singular entity on this split cassette from Andrew Weathers and John Bohannon as Ancient Ocean. The two prove to be a fitting pair as each artist documents the various ways quiet drones and slowly unfurling acoustic guitar notes can combine. There are subtle differences in their approaches, as Weathers is more prone to feature fluid melody while Ancient Ocean builds a base of looped repetition for his dew-coated guitar figures to take hold. However, both sides of this 43 minute tape go a long way toward establishing the promise of this subgenre that seemingly owes just as much to Sandy Bull as it does Brian Eno. – Ryan Potts, Experimedia

Mike Shiflet / Joe Panzner
Recollect / Reconstruct

(RCN Recordings)

Mike Shiflet and Joe Panzner are no strangers to each other’s work, having collaborated for years under the Scenic Railroads moniker (if you haven’t heard their self-released split with Raglani from several years back you’d do well to seek it out). Indeed, Panzner and Shiflet share a similar creative ethos (Panzner has guested on and mastered a few of Shiflet’s solo releases), favoring coruscating drones and extreme digital detritus as compositional tropes. For their RCN split, Shiflet fires first - offering up a longform drone likely sourced from guitar and recalling very much his recent outings for Type. Monochromatic, overdriven guitar drones surge and accumulate more high-end detail over the course of the piece, finally cresting and blooming into shards of white-hot sonic shrapnel. Panzner’s piece functions in precisely the inverse manner, beginning with flailing, downright ugly wails of noise which grow sparser, more subdued and, ultimately, fade away. A well suited split indeed. - Alex Cobb, Experimedia

Karl Vorndran

(RCN Recordings)

"Thawing" is straight-up bonkers. And I mean that in the best possible way. This is the first solo effort from Cane Swords’ & RCN Co-Founder Karl Vorndran and it’s fantastic to say the least. "Thawing" is an exquisite dichotomy of chaos and control as Vorndran takes a multitude of disparate, combative ideas and somehow manages to fit them together in a way that not just makes sense, but adds even more weight to the proceedings. Vorndran’s emphasis is on modular synthesis. Each piece of music flows perfectly into the next, turning the tape into a complex web of fried circuitry and sonic shrapnel. Feedback loops devolve into scowling, electronic drones that drill deeper and deeper into your brainwaves until bizarre, disjoineted rhythms drop in from nowhere to run interference. What I love most is how Vorndran’s takes structural compositions and dials them in to the point where they start to fall apart. In those passages he’ll go off in weird, snarling improvised tangents that somehow, eventually, bring it all back home. He does an incredible job at showing how just how blurry the line between structure and discord is and that, in reality, they both work best in conjunction. This is a stellar debut and easily one of my favorite tapes of 2012 so far. - Brad Rose, Experimedia

The first video from the new Andrew Weathers / Ancient Ocean split cassette on RCN Recordings.

Stream the full album on and buy a copy on April 14, 2012

Video by Curt Brown ( Album design by Charlie Wagers (

"Bound and Folded" from Karl Vorndran’s Thawing cassette on RCN Recordings. All sounds on Thawing were made on a custom euro rack modular synthesizer.

Stream the full album on and buy a copy on April 14, 2012

Video and design by Karl Vorndran.

Selections from from the new Mike Shiflet / Joe Panzner split cassette on RCN Recordings. The first half of the video is from Shiflet’s “Recollect.” Panzner’s “Reconstruct” fades in around 2:20

Stream the full album on and buy a copy on April 14, 2012

Video by Curt Brown ( Album design by Ram Youssefi.


Listen to “Bound and Folded” from Karl Vorndran’s new tape Thawing, available to buy from RCN Recordings on April 14. 


Listen to Ancient Ocean’s “Seneca” from the new Andrew Weathers / Ancient Ocean split cassette, available to buy from RCN Recordings on April 14.