Derek Rogers

Greenup Industries

It’s easy to start a drone. But it is difficult to build upon it, develop its themes, and, ultimately, create a true composition from such a nebulous beginning point. Derek Rogers, with his debut vinyl LP “Saturations” as his evidence, certainly attains such a level of creativity as his two lengthy pieces build and collapse, grow and wither with a true musicality. As it spins through its grooves, the album subtly references past works by Tim Hecker, Johann Johannsson, and Rosy Parlane while never succumbing to imitation. He does have some sublime help along the way with trumpet contributions on the A side and violin on the B side, but it is to his credit how he blends and diffuses their sounds into his sculpted layers of distortion, feedback, and time-stretched ambience with such ease. – Ryan Potts, Experimedia