Thought Broadcast
Emergency Stairway

Editions Mego

Thought Broadcast - Emergency Stairway - emego - Aug08 Killer slab of wax from Ravi Binning’s Thought Broadcast project that sounds like some forgotten gem unearthed from concrete, Cold War bunkers. “Emergency Stairway” feels primitive in structure, but modern in approach. Everything is baked and sterilized ready to drill into your skull, penetrating like stainless steel needles and emptying your veins until you’re a dry, crackling carcass. Suffice to say, this is bleak in all the right ways. “Conflict Dub” is the sound of machines coming back to life in an abandoned war zone while “Breaking Test” is plagued by the same decay as it marches ahead into the next blitzkrieg. Everything on “Emergency Stairway” is painted over with a thick crust whether it’s the barely-there voices on “Riot” or the teases of melody on “Portrait Heads.” It’s this aural shellac that sets this apart and keeps me coming back for more. Simply, this record is really fucking good. - Brad Rose, Experimedia¬†