Tidal / Rambutan


Taking full advantage of the side-long capabilities of 12” vinyl, Tidal and Rambutan present two 20 minute tracks that expand and contract, distort and sustain in several different ways.  This split LP capitalizes on recent Aguirre successes by Panabrite and Pulse Emitter while simultaneously extracting the melody and pulse those records exhibited to feature the cool, abstracted soundworlds that billowed beneath the surface.  Of the two sides, Tidal’s “Sounds of the Future” contribution is much more monolithic as it filters a smudged, mid-level synth drone through banks of reverb and lo-fi recording techniques.  Conversely, Rambutan offers a patiently dynamic track that swirls and twists an assemblage of synthesizer debris into a colorful web of sound.  By using similar tools in divergent ways, Tidal and Rambutan prove to be fitting counterparts.  - Ryan Potts